How to find a suitable open-source project to contribute?

Finding a best-fit project is a kind of complicated thing while contributing to open-source projects.

I have observed that this is not just a problem of who has just started or planning to start. This problem is faced by those who have spent years in the technology domain.

Here are some of the parameters that we look before starting a contribution to any projects like

→ what are the benefits I will get by submitting my contribution to a particular project? ,

→ What are the requirements of open-source projects? ,

→ How much value this contribution is going to add in my portfolio? , etc.

So, keeping these parameters in mind, I have found some of the tools and websites that will help you in finding a suitable open-source project and its issues that you will be able to solve according to your learning and knowledge base.

  • GitHub Explore: It is a section in the GitHub official website where GitHub shows you a list of projects and their issues according to your interest.
  • Open Source Friday: This site encourages you to contribute every Friday of the week by finding a suitable project to contribute.
  • CodeTriage: This site helps in picking a handful of open issues of any open-source projects.
  • Pull Request Roulette: This site offers a list of pull requests (or PRs) submitted for review, belonging to open-source projects hosted on Github.
  • Gauger: Find friendly open source projects with issues labeled for beginners.
  • Fixme: This platform helps you to find open source projects that are a good fit for their skills and abilities.

Find open-source projects of the world’s top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Apple.

Let me know if you want to know any other companies open-source project.

Happy Open-source Contribution.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya