Benefits of adopting Agile Methodology

While working on a software product, a team always try to build a robust and reliable product without facing any hurdles.

Then Agile comes in role to help the team in achieving their aim. 

There are so many traditional software development models like Waterfall, Spiral, Prototyping, etc. 

But, when the Agile Manifesto was announced, that day was a revolutionary day in Information Technology Industry. 

According to research, 

Almost 71% of IT Companies claim to adopt Agile as their software development process model.

Another study says that projects who followed Agile are 28% more successful than those projects who followed traditional software, development models.

So Let’s see, what actually Agile has for you and your team so that your team will be able to work with-in a short development cycle to achieve a faster time-to-market.

Fast Development: By following Agile, your team’s productivity will grow and that will result fast development.
Test-Driven Development: In traditional methods, you have to follow the testing stage at the end of the process, and that increases the project’s timeline and budget. 
For that here you will deal with Test-Driven Development, in which your team has not to proceed without performing testing on the developed module of the project and solve all occurred issues.
Small Release: Every time your team finishes testing the individual module of the project now they have to make a release version of that module. 
And at the end of the project development, you will get a released version of your project. And, at that stage, you do not have to waste time on testing or releasing.
Reduce Risk: This is one of the most amazing benefits of adopting Agile methodology. 
While developing software products, if you will be able to identify upcoming risks and risks that are going to increase your cost, then you have to just focus on reducing those risks by using resources that your team has.
By identifying risks, you will give freedom to your users to engage with your developed products as much as they want.


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By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya