About KiwisMedia

KiwisMedia is a portfolio-based platform for dreamers and doers

A community-led social platform that helps you discover interesting people through their works. Individuals use KM to create a log of all their works in a single place in order to validate their personal brand superfast.

Our mission is to empower our users to be more productive through inspired learning and helping them take part in becoming the next-gen creators, makers, and builders.

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Show your proof of works and be ready to get hired
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It's what you do that matters the most, not what you say!

Kiwismedia is on a mission to change how multiskilled individuals market themselves so that everyone can showcase their skills through the proof of work along with the people they work with, rather than simply emphasizing their achievements and abilities using some buzzwords.

KiwisMedia is built on proof of work and amidst all the opinions on future of works, your proof of works will the only constant.

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