Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

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  • Launched media subscription service

    Launches a media subscription service in the App Store.


  • Introduced the iPad

    Introduces the iPad. Apple sells 500,000 iPads during their first week on the market and gains 84 percent of the tablet market by the end of the year.


  • Unveiled MobileMe

    Unveils MobileMe, Apple's first cloud offering.


  • Introduced App Store and MacBook Air

    Introduces the App Store as an update to iTunes. Also introduces the MacBook Air.


  • Introduced the iPhone

    Introduces the iPhone; iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone.


  • Disney buys Pixar


    Disney buys Pixar for $7.4 billion; Jobs joins Disney's board as its top shareholder.


  • Introduces iPod with video

    Introduces iPod with video, this was the best music player made that time.


  • Introduced iPod Nano

    Introduced iPod Nano. iPod Nano is a full-featured iPod in an impossibly small size


  • Switch of processor chips

    At WWDC, announces switch from IBM chips to Intel's Core Duo chips with Apple's new MacBook Pro and iMac.


  • Introduced iPod Shuffle

    Apple introduces an iPod Shuffle. "iPod Shuffle is smaller and lighter than a pack of gum and costs less than $100...


  • Opened the iTunes Music Store in United States

    Opens the iTunes Music Store in the United States. Apple sold 10 billion songs via iTunes as of February 24, 2010, and it counted 225 million iTunes accounts with credit cards as of June 2011.


  • Introduced first Windows-compatiable iPod

    Apple introduces the first Windows-compatible iPods at Macworld.


  • Introduced the iPod

    Introduces the iPod, and with it, Apple has invented a whole new category of digital music player that lets you put your entire music collection in your pocket and listen to it wherever you go... Apple's shipped more than 300 million iPods as of October 2011.


  • Opened Apple's first retail store

    Opens Apple's first retail stores in Tysons Corner, Va., and Glendale, Calif. The store designs and personal sales methods proved to be tremendously popular. Apple was running 330 stores worldwide as of July 2011.


  • Introduced the first version of Mac OS X

    Apple ships the the first version of Mac OS X, code-named Cheetah.


  • Introduced iTunes

    Introduces iTunes, then exclusively for Mac users.


  • Introduced the iMac

    Introduces the iMac, which becomes commercially available in August.


  • Introduced the Apple Store

    Introduces the Apple Store, which lets consumers custom-order Apple products directly from the company online.


  • Partnership with Microsoft

    Announces a $150 million investment from Microsoft, coupled with a partnership on Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer for the Mac.


  • Became CEO of Apple

    Becomes CEO of Apple, initially as the de facto chief, then as interim chief in September.


  • Return to Apple

    Returns to Apple, as an adviser, after it buys NeXT for $429 million.


  • First NeXT Computer

    NeXT Computer releases its first computer.


  • Starting NeXT Computer

    Jobs resigns as Apple chairman and starts NeXT Computer (which later becomes NeXT Software), funded by selling $70 million of his Apple stock.


  • Apple goes public

    NASDAQ Market

    Apple goes public, putting Jobs' net worth north of $200 million.


  • Apple II

    Releases the Apple II, the first commercially available personal computer in a plastic case with color graphics--and Apple's first successful personal computer.


  • Co-founds Apple

    Co-founds Apple Computer with Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. That same year, the company sells the Apple I in the form of a kit that sells for $666.66.


  • Pong : Video Game

    Steve wozniak

    While working at Atari Inc., working the night shift, Jobs employs Wozniak to help whittle down the hardware required for a prototype of a single-player version of Pong, the game that would go on to become Breakout.

    31-03-1974 - Present

  • Technician

    Atari Inc.

    Los Gatos, California

    Jobs begins a brief stint as a technician at Atari Inc.

    08-03-1974 - Present

  • College

    Reed College

    Portland, Oregon

    After graduating from Homestead High School in Cupertino, Calif., Jobs enrolls at Reed College in Portland, Ore.


  • High School

    Homestead High School


    Steve Jobs graduates from Homestead High School in Cupertino, Calif.


  • Internship of an electronic project

    Bill Hewlett (of Hewlett-Packard)

    Silicon Valley

    Jobs was given a summer job by Bill Hewlett (of Hewlett-Packard) after Jobs cold-called him to ask for parts of a frequency counter for an electronics project.

    25-05-1968 - Present