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Sandipan Das

Sandipan Das

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  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • CSS
  • C++
  • C
  • PHP
  • Unix
  • Ubuntu
  • JSON
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • React JS
  • Node
  • Full Stack
  • Web Development
  • Data Structures
  • Bootstrap
  • Django
  • Machine Learning
  • Technical Writing
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • DBMS
  • Computer Skills
  • Recipe App using ReactJS

    This is a Recipe app developed using react.jsTechnologies used:• react.js as front-end framework• material UI for stylin...

    06 Feb 2021

  • Quiz app using React

    This is a Quiz Web App developed using react.js. 24 categories of questions are available and any number of questio...

    17 Jan 2021

  • Currency Converter using ReactJS

    This is a currency converter application developer using react.js. Here total 23 different currencies are available...

    12 Jan 2021

  • Computer Teacher

    Vivekananda Wishdom Mission School (ICSE)

    Here I have taught some of the basic computer subjects in primary and secondary level. Here I have taught the topics inc...

    mankundu  12 Aug 2020 - 21 Oct 2020

  • Covid-19 Tracker using React

    A Real-time COVID-19 information tracker web application purely coded in REACT.js. There is a table showing the list of...

    30 Jul 2020

  • Portfolio website using django

    A personal portfolio website using python-Django. We can add things to our database and do operation (CRUD) from the adm...

    09 Jun 2020

  • Covid-19 Tracker and visualizer

    A real time COVID-19 information tracker and visualizer application using Python. This application will give every detai...

    17 May 2020

  • Todo-Box: a full-stack website using django

    A Full-stack web application to keep track of daily Todo-List. This web application implements all business logic in ser...

    08 May 2020

  • 6th placeholder in Innovative idea competition E-radicate (solution of COVID-19)

    It is an innovative idea competition where I proposed a solution to fight against COVID-19 situation and the title of my...

    IEI student chapter, JIS College of Engineering  11 Apr 2020

  • Weather Updater

    It is a desktop GUI application coded in Python using the module python tkinter. This application is able to fetch and s...

    03 Apr 2020

  • Voice Search bar using Python

    this is a Search bar application that can search things on internet by recognizing voice. There are four types of search...

    07 Feb 2020

  • Multi-mode GUI calculator using Python

    A GUI based Multi-mode calculator application using python. It has two interfaces based on two different modes: Simple a...

    06 Jan 2020

  • Height Marks(cgpa) in semister examination

    Honored by department of computer science and engineering, Jis College of Engineering, for obtaining highest marks in se...

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, JIS College of Engineering  11 Mar 2019

  • Content Creator at Youtube


    Here I have started working on creating contents for my youtube channel "all about CS". Here I make tutorials on program...

      01 Sep 2018 - Present

  • B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

    JIS College of Engineering

    I have learned a lot of core computer science technologies and concepts like: Programming in C, Object oriented programm...

    Kalyani  31 Jul 2018

  • High School degree on Computer science

    Kanailal Vidyamandir

    Here I have learned many of the basic concepts of Computer Science including: Programming in C, programming in C++, Conc...

    Chandannagar  01 Apr 2016

  • Secondary education

    Kanailal Vidyamandir

    Here I have completed my journey of general primary and secondary education on general subjects like mathematics, physic...

    Chandannagar  02 May 2006

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