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Ratul Sarkar

Ratul Sarkar

Creativity never goes wrong, all we need is right direction. Ultimately we all are different!
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • DBMS
  • Web Development
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • Javascript
  • UI/UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe XD
  • React JS
  • Agile
  • Project Lifecycle Management
Currently Working at Khieuware, Canada
  • Wizard 3D Icons Library

    Designed this library of Royalty-free 3d icons which you can download for free and use anywhere. Do share your feedback...

    16 Apr 2021

  • Finance Design concept 2

    01 Apr 2021

  • Dashboard Design Concept

    01 Apr 2021

  • Financial Design Concept

    31 Mar 2021

  • Chair Design Concept

    30 Mar 2021

  • Cycle Design Concept

    30 Mar 2021

  • Cosmetics Ecommerce app

    28 Mar 2021

  • UI/UX designer

    Lupus Creed

    We are a bunch of geeks and business enthusiasts who wish to transform the way business are done. We understand that man...

    Agartala  26 Mar 2021 - Present

  • Vegetable online shopping app UI

    This is a vegetable online shopping app UI designed by Ratul Sarkar

    25 Mar 2021

  • 3D designing

    Started Learning 3D designing using Spline.

    Agartala  19 Mar 2021

  • React multi language word hunter

    This is a dictionary app that shows audios, meaning as per  other parameters & word meanings also.

    11 Mar 2021

  • Password generating web application using react

    The web application is built on react framework by Ratul Sarkar. Error solved from youtube & StackOverflow

    10 Mar 2021

  • Notes web application using react

    This is a clone of Evernote. Further updates are coming soon.

    09 Mar 2021

  • Published Vidyasetu LMS at Journal of Physics: Conference Series

    Engineering education in India facing challenges from very past ages, but the most recent calls of Industry 4.0 may caus...

    IOP Science > Journal of Physics: Conference Series  09 Mar 2021

  • Google Scholar

    I started my journey as a Google scholar (beginner) & I'll contribute as much as possible to technology.

    Google Scholar | Journal of Physics: Conference Series  09 Mar 2021

  • Eduator design concept | Glassmorphism

    This is a design concept - Educator. This is designed on the latest trend glassmorphism. Designed by Ratul Sarkar

    03 Mar 2021

  • Web Gradient Clone using React

    MultiGradients is an advanced clone of Web Gradients that was developed by itmeo team. Simple and powerful, WebGradients...

    01 Mar 2021

  • 2 years completed in IT industry as a freelancer & as an IT professional.

    Started my career as a freelancer & now completed 2 years as an IT professional.

    N/A  24 Feb 2021

  • Resources Library Web Application

    A resource library is a collection of technical tools which help all designers & developers to gather knowledge &amp...

    23 Feb 2021

  • Dashboard UI Dark & Light theme

    This is a dashboard UI designed by Ratul Sarkar.

    22 Feb 2021

  • Music player UI

    This is a simple UI of a music player designed by Ratul Sarkar. Technologies used Adobe XD & fa fa icons. 

    18 Feb 2021

  • React food search web-app

    This is a food search web application. It uses edamam API & it is designed & developed by Ratul Sarkar. The web...

    15 Feb 2021

  • React color hex code generator web-app

    This is a react based color code generator. There's an input field & it accepts colors/hex-code. If we enter any col...

    15 Feb 2021

  • Upgraded Alluirng Wizard

    I have my personal website that was based on simple tech stack HTML, CSS, js & now I've upgraded my site based on Re...

    07 Feb 2021

  • 3D elements library

    The web app is under construction. Details will be updated soon

    02 Feb 2021

  • Lagelaria Photography Web-app using React

    Creative & Smart Ideas when comes to life visualizing the world through my lens! I like to capture macro, low light...

    27 Jan 2021

  • Portfolio web app using react

    I designed & developed a portfolio web app for my friend Priyanka using React.

    27 Jan 2021

  • My portfolio Web-app using React

    I have a timeline website that was based on simple tech stack HTML, CSS, js & now I've updated my site based on reac...

    25 Jan 2021

  • SCG Astro

    An astrologer based android application where the astrologer can easily depict all the horoscope fundamentals & othe...

    24 Jan 2021

  • Got 5 jobs(3 start-ups & 2 would be MNC's)

    So this is my success story. First of all that kiwismedia for giving me this platform to showcase my skills. I'm a UI de...

    Ratul Sarkar  23 Jan 2021

  • Received the Top-Class Batch from Viewbug

    From millions of submissions in the contests, your work has been recognized by others. Members have voted on your photos...

    Viewbug  22 Jan 2021

  • Mem-U-Zin, a Kurdisian nationed dating app UI

    Mem & Zin are considered as love birds Kurdistan. A Kurdistan client asked for the UI of the dating App. I desi...

    21 Jan 2021

  • User Experience Designer


    At Khieuware our main goal is to make your business a success! We are Digital Marketing Agency Toronto which works hard...

    Ontario, Canada  03 Jan 2021 - Present

  • Bonsai plants e-commerce app UI

    This is a Bonsai plants e-commerce app UI designed by Ratul Sarkar. The project was chosen by a Canada based MNC. The fu...

    02 Jan 2021

  • Wallpaper App UI

    This is a wallpaper app UI that is designed by me. The complete design will be uploaded soon.

    31 Dec 2020

  • Website UI for a client

    Designed a Website UI for a client

    28 Dec 2020

  • Care by SCG Solutionz App

    Care by SCG Solutionz is an app where patients can easily book their appointment & get consultancy from doctors in r...

    22 Dec 2020

  • IRHS Services Website

    Welcome to IRHS Services, where we develop products based on touch-free technology addressing societal concerns. We are...

    22 Dec 2020

  • Published Technical Script for GeeksForGeeks

    Apache Cassandra is an open-source, user-available, distributed, NoSQL DBMS which is designed to handle large amounts of...

    GeeksforGeeks  19 Dec 2020

  • Amrabati

    Amrabati, A platform where you can donate to help someone's life, where you can share the struggle of someone. I designe...

    17 Dec 2020

  • Ex-Associate Web Designer

    Raceteq Union

    Raceteq Union is the industry leader in solving complex business problems. We partner with you for creating consistent s...

    Maharastra  08 Dec 2020 - Present

  • HubStaff clone UI Design

    03 Dec 2020

  • Covid Statistics using React JS

    The covid 19 statistics app is fully based on the React JS framework & this app constantly updates the covid cases,...

    28 Nov 2020

  • React Weather app

    This weather app shows the weather of all states, countries all over the world

    25 Nov 2020

  • Completed Fundamentals of Web Designing Course


    Completed Fundamentals of Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites under Udemy.

    Belonia  10 Nov 2020

  • Westroad LLP Arhitecture Company Website Reconstruction

    West road Housing LLP is a newly formed Limited Liability partnership Company (LLP Identification No AAN-4425) under the...

    08 Nov 2020

  • Diabot-Diabetic Retinopathy software development.

    Diabetic retinopathy is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the tissue at the back of the eye (retina). Poorly cont...

    20 Oct 2020

  • South Balcony Real Estate Agency website development

    South Balcony is a real estate consultant platform where we help you in your journey to find the ideal property. My role...

    08 Aug 2020

  • Purotab Website Development

    PUROTAB tablets contain sodium dichloro isocyanurate (NaDCC) as an active ingredient. These tablets are rapidly dissolvi...

    02 Aug 2020

  • Alluring-Wizard, my personal site.

    If Internet Explorer is smart enough to ask you to become the default search engine, then you're smart enough to ask the...

    02 Aug 2020

  • JKSA Website Development

    JKSA- Joydeep Karmakar Shooting Academy is a professional shooting academy own by Olympian SHooter Mr. Joydeep Karmakar....

    20 Jul 2020

  • Completed Fundamentals of HTML & CSS


    I've Completed the Fundamentals of HTML & CSS under Purple training academy.

    Belonia  24 Jun 2020

  • Smart Pathshala Educational Website development.

    Smart Pathshala is a non-profit organization that provides lectures on different subjects. Its sole aim is to help those...

    20 Jun 2020

  • Ex-Front-end Developer.


    Zivaka LLP is an IT Delivery and Consultancy startup. We are a one-stop-shop for innovative IT solutions, all the way fr...

    Kolkata  17 Jun 2020 - 03 Dec 2020

  • Timeline Website along with portfolio

    This is a timeline website developed by Ratul Sarkar. On this kind of sites, user can display their portfolio with a det...

    09 Jun 2020

  • Kolkata Mind Photography Magazine v 2.0

    Kolkata Mind is a series of the magazine which is published by Kolkata Chitrography & India Mind. My 2 photographs have...

    Kolkata Chitrography | India MInd  06 Jun 2020

  • Exileex Technologies Official Website development.

    Exileex Technologies is a Tripura based software and website development startup. We help our customers with a wide rang...

    25 May 2020

  • Front-end Developer(own start-up)

    Exileex Technologies

    Exileex Technologies is a Tripura based software and website development startup. We help our customers with a wide rang...

    Kolkata  24 Apr 2020 - Present

  • The Vidyasetu Learning Management System Development

    Learning management system is the new way of digital learning platform where we can access our daily feeds like administ...

    24 Apr 2020

  • La-galeria, My photography website.

    Hello, My name is Ratul Sarkar. I'm a passionate photographer. I grew up in Tripura and my interest in photography start...

    05 Apr 2020

  • Completed GUI Application Development Programme.

    Ardent Technologies pvt. ltd.

    Kolkata  21 Jan 2020

  • Payroll Management System GUI application development.

    Payroll Management System. is a GUI application that helps employees to check their pay-package. It was a team project....

    21 Jan 2020

  • Published Contents/Articles for The National TV

    To understand the future & current state of the JAVA ecosystem, we need to have the sources from various webs & articles...

    The National TV  10 Dec 2019

  • Completed Big Data Analytics Training Programme.

    Skills Priority ptv. ltd.

    Kolkata  28 Jun 2019

  • Kolkata Mind Photography Magazine v 1.0

    Kolkata Mind is a series of the magazine which is published by Kolkata Chitrography & India Mind. My 2 photographs have...

    Kolkata Chitrography | India MInd  12 May 2019

  • Photographer/Mentor

    JISCE, Photograpy & Trekking Club

    I'm a passionate photographer. I like to capture macro, low light portraits & landscapes. Proudly I'm a senior membe...

    Kolkata  15 Aug 2018 - Present

  • Pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology.

    JIS college of Engineering

    I have been pursuing Engineering in Information Technology and will be a graduate next year. I have learned a lot of com...

    Kolkata  02 Aug 2017

  • Completed higher secondary level under Tripura Board of Secondary Education.

    Belonia Govt. English Medium H/s School

    I've completed my higher secondary level under Tripura Board of Secondary Education, pursuing 67% of marks

    Belonia  22 May 2017

  • Completed secondary level under Tripura Board of Secondary Education.

    Belonia Govt. English Medium H/s School

    I've completed my higher secondary level under Tripura Board of Secondary Education, pursuing 68% of marks

    Belonia  18 Jun 2015

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