Colonel Harland David Sanders

Colonel Harland David Sanders

American Businessman, Best Known For Founding Fast Food Chicken Restaurant Chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (also known as KFC)

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  • KFC goes public

    Newyork Stock Exchange

    Kentucky Fried Chicken went public in 1966 and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1969.


  • Sold KFC

    Sanders sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken corporation for $2 million to a partnership of Kentucky businessmen headed by John Y. Brown, Jr.


  • Sanders moves headquarters

    In 1960, Sanders moved the headquarters of his growing company to Shelbyville, Kentucky.


  • Sanders Develops his New Style

    Around 1950, Sanders began developing his distinctive appearance, growing his trademark mustache and goatee and donning a white suit and string tie.


  • Sanders gets recommissioned

    Governor Lawrence Wetherby

    Sanders was recommisioned in 1950 by Governor Lawrence Wetherby.


  • Assistant Cafeteria Manager

    Some Cafeteria

    Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    Sanders ran cafeterias for the government at an ordnance works in Tennessee, followed by a job as assistant cafeteria manager in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

    16-09-1941 - 04-03-1942

  • Asheville motel was closed

    As the United States entered World War II in December 1941, gas was rationed, and as the tourism dried up, Sanders was forced to close his Asheville motel. He went to work as a supervisor in Seattle until the latter part of 1942.


  • Sanders' Cafe

    By 1937, Sanders had built Sanders' Cafe, which seated 142 customers. At this restaurant, it was soon discovered that Sanders' fried chicken was the most popular selection on the menu.


  • Commissioned as a Kentucky colonel

    Kentucky governor

    Sanders was commissioned as a Kentucky colonel in 1935 by Kentucky governor Ruby Laffoon.


  • School

    Law School

    Little Rock

    Sanders began to practice law in Little Rock, which he did for three years, earning enough in fees for his family to move with him.


  • Sanders started his own station

    Sanders cooked chicken dishes and other meals for people who stopped at his service station in Corbin, Kentucky.


  • Service Station job

    Shell Oil Company

    North Corbin, Kentucky

    In 1930, the Shell Oil Company offered Sanders a service station in North Corbin, Kentucky, rent free, in return for paying the company a percentage of sales. Sanders began to serve chicken dishes and other meals such as country ham and steaks.

    10-06-1930 - 19-02-1931

  • Service Station job

    Standard Oil of Kentucky


    Sanders meet the general manager of Standard Oil of Kentucky, who asked him to run a service station in Nicholasville. In 1930, the station closed as a result of the Great Depression.

    15-09-1924 - 23-04-1930

  • Salesman

    Michelin Tire Company

    Winchester, Kentucky

    Sanders moved to Winchester, Kentucky, to work as a salesman for the Michelin Tire Company. He lost his job in 1924 when Michelin closed its New Jersey manufacturing plant.

    16-04-1923 - 14-02-1924

  • Secretary

    Chamber of Commerce

    Columbus, Indiana

    Around 1922 he took a job as secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in Columbus, Indiana. He admitted that he was not very good at the job, and resigned after less than a year.

    19-06-1922 - 11-10-1922

  • Sanders established a ferry boat company

    Sanders established a ferry boat company, which operated a boat on the Ohio River between Jeffersonville and Louisville. He canvassed for funding, becoming a minority shareholder himself, and was appointed secretary of the company. The ferry was an instant success.


  • Cleaner

    Northern Alabama Railroad

    Jasper, Alabama

    Sanders got a job cleaning out the ash pans of trains from the Northern Alabama Railroad (a division of the Southern Railway).

    01-05-1907 - 24-09-1907

  • Wagoner in the United States Army

    United States Army

    United States

    Sanders falsified his date of birth and enlisted in the United States Army in October 1906, completing his service commitment as a wagoner (see teamster) in Cuba. He was honorably discharged in February 1907.

    18-10-1906 - 15-02-1907

  • Steam Engine Stoker

    Fire Station

    Sheffield, Alabama

    Sanders progressed to become a fireman (steam engine stoker) from the age of 16. He worked the job for nearly three years until he was fired for "insubordination" after he got sick.

    15-08-1906 - 25-10-1909

  • Conductor

    Streetcar company

    New Albany, Indiana

    In 1906, with his mother's approval, Sanders left the area to live with his uncle in New Albany, Indiana. His uncle worked for the streetcar company, and secured Sanders a job as a conductor.

    09-03-1906 - 25-08-1906

  • Painting Horse Carriages

    Paint Shop


    In 1903, Sanders dropped out of seventh grade and went to live and work on a nearby farm. At age 13, he left home and then took a job painting horse carriages in Indianapolis.

    29-06-1903 - 23-02-1914