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💡 Website:

Watch the weather in your city and received hourly forecast, including data on wind, cloudiness, pressure, humidity, time of sunrise and sunset, geo coords on React PWA App


🚀 Key Features

  • Current location weather report.
  • Searchable weather report for cities.
  • Detailed weather report.
  • Dynamic theme according to weather type.
  • Dynamic weather type icon.
  • Progressive Web Application { PWA }
  • Responsive
  • Offline ready
  • Installable ( add to Home screen )
  • Multi-Platform Support


🎯 Info

💡 Developed by Debraj Karmakar

I wanted to learn how to make apps using React. So, I start my journey by simply create this normal react website. But later I came to know about PWA so I tried this react project to convert it into a fully responsive react PWA. After focusing on many minor details finally I made this responsive react PWA.

Technology Used:

  • npm
  • Webpack
  • PWA
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • react icons
  • react Bootstrap
  • React JS
  • Fetch API
  • lottie files
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Github
  • VS Code
  • Chrome
  • Netlify



I retrieved weather data from

Open Weather map:

Current weather data:

Weather Conditions:


📌 Latest Google Lighthouse audit


📩 Feedback

Feedback is always welcome. Contact me, I would love to know if you notice something that can be better. Please be nice, this is my first React PWA.

24 Apr 2021

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